This background removal tool instantly removes backgrounds from any image or photo. It’s patented technology does all the work for you, automatically. It enables you to choose between a transparent and solid-colored background. The free online tool automatically removes the background from images.

You can select either the background or subject; similar Tone Values will automatically get selected by Photoshop. Go to the left toolbar and select the Quick Selection Tool. Pressing the Background Eraser shortcut key “W” will let you select the tool. You can do a lot of things using the Quick Selection Tool.

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Background Eraser- You can also use to erase the portrait or any picture and change the Background. Its process is effortless to do and takes no time. In one word Picsart is home to popular sketch effect, glitch effect, vintage filters, aesthetic stickers, video editing, and many more. Picsart is free to use but if you want to access it’s all features then you can purchase Picsart Gold subscription. After you’re done with the image background removal, just press the “Done” button on the top-right corner of your screen. You will then have the option to refine the edges of your extracted image.

Edit your images online with the best online image editor. To erase to a background color you have to disable background transparency by unchecking the ‘transparency checkbox’. The checkbox is to the for right of the color picker above the checkered image thumb that represents transparency. The default background color is white but you can choose the color by selecting the background color swatch. If the tolerance is set to zero (0%) or very low values only colors that are exactly the same or close to the sample color are erased.

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Shape cuts out the background and fits the part you want to keep within the bounds of whatever shape you select. Once you pick a shape, you can adjust its size and placement over your original image. Add your background-less image to your canvas by selecting Add image. Once you’ve removed the background from your image, you’re ready to place it over a new background. Your image will be saved in Hub so you can grab it when you’re ready to start a new design. Your image will automatically be saved to Hub with a transparent background.

  • A few important points to take into consideration are that we keep Tolerance setting at 25%.
  • You can do this in the same app, or import it into Concepts and use either a color-matched brush or Hard Eraser with line smoothing to get instant, even mask lines.
  • Other similar tools include which applies the style of one image to another, and, which uses AI to automatically upscale pictures.
  • The experts at Adobe have added a range of their best-loved tools into the app, so you can do many of the tasks you’d be able to do with the full app.